Greetings Brothers of the Mighty Third District,

Happy Juneteenth Day! Today, we rejoice in the triumph of freedom and the enduring spirit of African Americans. Juneteenth, known by many names, commemorates our ancestors’ emancipation and celebrates their indomitable courage. As we honor this historic day, let’s continue to educate ourselves and our communities about its profound significance. Take time to reflect on the hardships overcome and the milestones achieved, shaping our legacy of resilience and perseverance.

One hundred fifty-nine years ago, on June 19, 1865, emancipation finally reached
our ancestors in Galveston, Texas, marking a pivotal moment in our nation’s journey towards justice and equality. Let us never forget the sacrifices and progress achieved, paving the way for future generations.

As Omega men, continue to uphold our heritage with pride and reverence. Lead by
example, embodying the values of integrity and unity. Be the Bridge Builders, forging pathways of opportunity and empowerment for the youth who follow.

“Strengthening The Brotherhood Through Friendship And Fellowship”

May God bless you, your families, the Third District, and the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated.

Yours in Omega,

Shawn R. Lacey
Brother Shawn R. Lacey
Third District Representative