The Third District, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated raised $4,000 in funds to support “Water is Life Initiative for Ghana, Africa. The donations were made online at The donation will help to provide a borehole to supply clean drinking water to the Ghanaian people. Each day, villagers in Borishe, a suburb of Akropong, Ghana have to obtain their water to cook, clean and bath from a nearby, muddy, disease-infested ditch.

Boreholes are narrow shafts drilled to extract water from below the ground. The water is collected into an above ground container and villagers are able to fill their buckets and containers. The United Nation estimates that roughly 115 people in Africa die every hour from disease linked to poor sanitation, hygiene and contaminated water.

Special thanks to the Third District Scholarship, Talent Hunt and Social Action Foundation for its donation of $2,000 and all the Brothers of the Third District for supporting this worthy cause.

Fraternally Submitted,
Brother Jeff Tarpley
Third District Social Action Chairman