Greetings My Beloved Brothers in Omega,

I hope that this message finds you and your Chapter members well.  We have received an administrative directive from Brother Grand Basileus Dr. David Marion that each Chapter in the Third District is to adopt a voting precinct for the upcoming Mid Term Election that is to be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.  Both Graduate and Undergraduate Chapters are to target at least one precinct in their service area.  Once you have identified the precinct that you will be responsible for, please complete the form below or forward the information to the Third District Voter Registration, Education, and Mobilization (VREM) Chairman Brother James Barber (; 757.535.2350).  A full listing of each Chapter and its precinct will be listed on the Third District website.  It is imperative that we complete this task well in advance of the election.  Therefore, please submit the name and location of your precinct no later than October 5th.  Thank you.

Always fraternally yours in Omega,

Brother Harvey L. Woodson, Jr.
Chairman, Third District Social Action Committee

Brother James Barber
Chairman, Voter Registration, Education, and Mobilization

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