Hopewell, Virginia, Thursday, March 5 ,2020. Upsilon Nu, Third District making their appearance as a representative of Dr. Seuss, visited Marguerite Christian Elementary School as part of their support for Read Across America. “Brother Donald Bentley suggested this school, because some of the Brothers were already volunteering on their own to work with students. So, it seemed like a natural fit for members of the chapter to come out and read,” stated Social Action Chairman Brother James Hunter. As part of our support for Read Across America, next year we plan to expand our participation to several more schools.

It was a very busy day of reading at Marguerite Christian Elementary. We were in constant motion as we dodge students as we moved from classroom to classroom. Stated Brother Edwards, “now I know how Shaquille O’Neal must feel, as I looked down at all the little faces.” “It is an amazing feeling when you are reading and you look up, back into the eyes of all those students and their gazed is locked on you, waiting for the next words to come out your mouth, amazing,” said Brother Robenson. Throughout the day Upsilon Nu read to 17 classes, it was a great day.

Thanks to Brother Donald Bentley along with Brother Michael Edwards and Brother Vince Robenson we were able to read: to 1 Pre-K class, 3 Kindergarten, 3 first-grade classes, 3 second-grade classes, 2 third-grade classes, 1 fourth-grade classes and 3 fifth-grade class. We were so happy we were able to read to one of their Autism classes, as well.
The students were very happy to have someone different come and read to them and ask them questions. Some of them were aware of the program and some were being exposed to it for the first time. “The members of Omega did such a great job, they are welcomed and encouraged to come back anytime as volunteer readers,” stated Reading Specialist Julie Dietz.