Richmond, Virginia Saturday February 2, 2019, Upsilon Nu chapter came out to support and serve as judges for the Delta’s 29th Annual Oratory Contest. The competition drew over two hundred students who participated in the competition. With the supporters and family members the gym was standing room only. Since its inception, thousands of students have competed. The theme this year was Listen: To a New Generation: Our Future Speaks.

This annual contest provided students with an opportunity to develop and receive recognition for their public speaking skills. Contestants were judged based on a set of criteria that measured their creativity, demonstration of intellectual thinking, and positive expression in an original written and oral presentation of the annual theme. Upsilon Nu has become a supporter of the annual event. It is a part of the Social Action Committees programming. Ms. Vanessa Evans, Vice President for Membership Services, worked with Brother Michael Edwards to outline the nature of the partnership. The Annual Oratorical Contest was presented to Social Action Chairman, Brother James Hunter, and his committee for approval.

It was wonderful to watch these young people as they lined up in the hallways practicing their presentations. There was a buzz throughout Franklin Military Academy, as the classrooms filled up with excited contestants. I was really impressed by the numbers of schools that attended the event and the enthusiasm shown by the contestants. “We look forward to supporting this event and extending our relationship with this effort,” stated Brother George Goldsborough.

The contestants are judged on several categories, such as Originality of the body of work, Delivery, Poise, Interpretation and Eye Contact, to name a few. “This year I was one of the judges for the 11th through 12th grade students from the various schools. I must say, the students came prepared and ready to compete. “You can tell that someone has been putting in long hours with these students; their performances were at a very high level,” stated Brother. Michael Edwards.

Submitted by Bro. Michael Edwards                                                            Pictures by Brother Michael Edwards