Greetings Brothers,

In early April 1950 as the chlorophyll enlivened nature’s rhythm section and the cherry blossoms articulated the melody of the Washington cosmos, two of history’s virtuosos, whose contributions filled the space between notes, played their last gig this side of the silk. On Saturday, April 1, 1950 and Monday, April 3, 1950, Charles Richard Drew and Carter Godwin Woodson debuted their tablature in the Elysian Fields. It is there where these two mighty sequoias continue to photosynthesize. Theirs is a familiar call looking for a perennial response. Let us not retire to the shade of their crown, but be fueled by the light in their refrain.

The History and Archives Committee recently came across the attached letters from February and May of 1950, which seemed to serve as contemporaneous accounts of extraordinary men in the ordinary ranks of Omega. We can only speculate that the Founders, although saddened by the loss of Brothers Woodson and Drew, must have been pleased with the fraternal and brotherly association they shared.

Make it a great week Brothers. Be noble!

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3rd District History and Archives Committee

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