Greetings Brothers!

Apologies for being a little late this week. Your dutiful Third District History and Archives chairman decided to have a bad wheel fixed yesterday. I had arthroscopic knee surgery to repair some lingering issues with my knee. All those dunks I used to give’em back in the day finally caught up with me (I have never dunked a basketball in my life…I just thought that would sound better). Anyway, the meds had me a little loopy last night and for the better part of today and I just couldn’t get the weekly message out on time.

Even though I participated in a few meetings throughout the day, I found it difficult to do little more than channel surf due to the meds. I just couldn’t concentrate for any length of time. While channel surfing I decided to half-watch a pretty bad movie called Midway, a dramatization of the Battle of Midway that occurred on June 4-7, 1942, six months after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.

The movie (even in my medicated state) made me recall an account I read in the June 1943 Oracle of one Lieutenant James “Beanie” Butcher, member of Alpha Omega chapter and World War II soldier. Please make time to read Brother Beanie’s fascinating account (attached) of his nine days at sea after his naval cargo ship was torpedoed by a German submarine somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. I’ve also provided a 1936 Alpha Omega chapter directory. Brother Beanie is listed along with some other heavy hitters.

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Make it a great week Brothers. Be noble!

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