Greetings Brothers!

The NFL playoffs have the History and Archives Committee in a football frame of mind this week. Regardless of your team allegiance, I trust the brothers are pulling for success to be visited upon Brother Eric Bienemy, Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator. Regardless of the outcome of the big game, we hope to soon be calling our capable and accomplished fraternity brother Head Coach.

Speaking of head coaches, Brother Samuel R. Shepard, Editor of the Oracle, rightfully saw fit to reprint in the Spring 1980 Oracle a eulogistic piece previously published in the Washington Post on the occasion of the passing of Brother Theodore W. McIntyre. Brother McIntyre was known reverently by many in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere as “Coach Mac.” The article (attached) reveals the deep and spirited roots of a sturdy Omega tree and a life well-lived. After reading the article, the initiated will at once conclude that Coach Mac personified Omega’s cardinal principles – and they would be justified in their conclusion.

Piecing together reporting in the May 1924 and March 1925 Oracles, it is likely Brother McIntyre was initiated at Pi Chapter, Morgan College (now Morgan State University) on the storied chapter’s second pledge line. An exceptional multi-sport athlete, Brother McIntyre was a beloved figure in the Morgan community ( and from 1936-1959 would go on to impact the lives of countless young Black men in uplifting and positive ways as the head coach of the Armstrong Manual Training School in Washington, D.C. I trust you will enjoy reading about this peculiarly Omega account of bridge building, purpose, manhood, and uplift as I did.

Read More – McIntyre_Spr1980Oracle

Make it a great week Brothers. Be noble!

3rd District History and Archives Committee
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