Greetings, Brothers of the Third District,

In addition to the information provided in the 12/30/23 Third District Digest regarding our Legislative Lobby Day, we are also asking all Brothers and Chapters to help us build upon our Brand and the District’s footprint by participating in the District’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service initiative.

Martin Luther King Jr Day, January 15th, is a federal holiday in the United States that honors civil right leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr  The day is also designated by Congress as a national day of service, which encourages Americans to volunteer to improve their communities.

There are many ways to participate in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. You can:

Volunteer at a local organization, Feed the homeless, Provide food from food banks, Opportunities to register to vote, Engage in unity in community efforts    Clean up neighborhoods, Donate to a charities, Participate in a community event that includes discussions improving community life, to name a few.

We ask that every chapter, in its locality, actively participate in some activity on this day of service and provide the District with information on what was done during that activity under the following hashtags…

For main pages: #3rdDistrictQues
Alternatively, you can use the following: #MLKDayOfService2024

Below you will find links to the District’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Initiative communiqué as well as an updated agenda for Legislative Lobby Day..

District’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Initiative Communiqué– Click Here
Updated Third District Legislative Lobby Agenda– Click Here

“Strengthening The Brotherhood Through Friendship And Fellowship”

Yours in Omega,

Shawn R. Lacey
Brother Shawn R. Lacey
Third District Representative