Washington, DC – The Brothers of the Kappa Psi Chapter recognize the importance of being bridge builders each month as they operate the DC Rhinos Mentoring Program. With January being National Mentoring Month, they are spreading the sharing the message of their program in many ways, including their recent recorded appearance on Comcast Newsmakers to speak on the importance of mentoring the next generation of young men.

The video can be seen here: https://comcastnewsmakers.com/Videos/2018/11/16/DC-Rhinos-Mentoring-Program?autoPlay

Brother Brian Haley, DC Rhinos Co-President, sat down with Comcast’s Yolanda Vazquez, to share the good news of the DC Rhinos Mentoring Program. “When I was young, having older guys who were cool and who I looked up to, give me wisdom and push me to do better things, made me want to do good.” Brother Haley shared with Vazquez.

Kappa Psi Chapter issues a challenge to all chapters of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc and all chapters of each Divine 9 Greek Letter Organization to take mentoring to the next level for the betterment of the next generations of young men and women.

Terrance James, the Assistant Keeper of Finance, believes in this challenge for personal reasons. He shared, “It’s all about catching the youth at young ages. When I was growing up, mentoring taught me soft-skills like how to successfully interact with diverse people, how to learn from others and how to be open-minded. These are important keys to success and it’s what we teach in the DC Rhinos Program.”

Brother Kyle Garrison is the Kappa Psi KRS and said he is proud to serve during the National Mentoring Month. He puts his love for mentoring simply, “To me, mentoring is a pathway to my greatest potential.”

If you would like to help youth reach their greatest potential or to get more information on the mentoring activities of the Kappa Psi Chapter, please visit www.dcques.org.


Written by:

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