January 2019 – Washington, DC – “It’s one of the best feelings ever,” said Brother Glen Yonkers as he removed his helmet and received a dozen high fives. While he was still catching his breath, the smiles never left his face.

Yonkers could have been speaking about his experience flying at the iFly Indoor Skydiving center in Loudon, Virginia, or the fact that he was able to lead the young men of the DC Rhinos Mentoring Program there to have them experience it also for the first time. It was probably both.

He added, “It’s important to work hard and it’s also important to relax at times. We teach the young men to be healthy in every area of life and having fun is an important part of being well-rounded.”

The DC Rhinos Mentoring Program is the official mentoring arm of the Kappa Psi Chapter and it equips young men with the skills needed to be successful adults. The Aspire 2 Inspire Foundation, Inc. (A2I) believes in this mission and donated to support this outing so that every young man could attend free of charge.

“This was the perfect kick-off as the Kappa Psi Chapter and Aspire 2 Inspire Foundation come together in support of National Mentoring Month in January,” said Brother Billy Holcombe, Executive Director of the Aspire 2 Inspire Foundation, Inc.

Brother Kevin Poplar, a talented media professional, created and shared a recap video of the event that can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/dcrhinosmentoring/videos/299316170779771/

To learn more and support the DC Rhinos Mentoring Program and the activities of the Kappa Psi Chapter, please visit www.dcques.org. To learn more about the Aspire 2 Inspire Foundation, please visit www.a2ifoundation.org.


Written by:

Bro. Garrett James

Editor to the Oracle: FY 2018-2019

Kappa Psi Chapter | LM #6184