Brother John Rivers, a member of Upsilon Nu chapter, Third District has been appointed to the Board of Trustees for the Cisco Foundation. This is a significant appointment, as the Cisco Foundation oversees an endowment of over $200 million dollars, with the aim of supporting community and non-profit initiatives around the world. Brother Rivers was reared in Sussex, Virginia and became a member of the fraternity in 2018. Brother Rivers is a past AKRS and currently leads the Media Committee for Upsilon Nu, as well as other committee memberships.

The appointment is for two years, where during his tenure as a Board Trustee, Brother Rivers plans  to focus on Education (STEM) and Global Climate Disruption. “This is a major personal and professional accomplishment for me; as great as any promotion or career award I’ve ever received. In addition to the ability to influence the direction of our $200 M endowment, it’s also an incredible opportunity to align with many very high ranking corporate executives, open the door for additional career progression, and pave a way for others who will follow”, stated Brother Rivers.

The Cisco Foundation was established in 1997 by a gift from Cisco. Cisco and the Cisco Foundation partner with nonprofits, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and community-based organizations to carry out many of Cisco’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

A distinct legal entity, the Cisco Foundation makes cash grants by invitation to nonprofit and non-governmental organizations according to criteria and guidelines aligned with Cisco’s overall nonprofit investment strategy.

Cisco is a corporate leader and committed to full spectrum diversity at all levels and aspects of the corporation. This appointment to the Cisco Foundation is a demonstration of that commitment and a direct effort to improve the diversity of this team. It’s very much a clear representation of Cisco “walking its talk”.

“In this role, I seek the opportunity to influence the direction of our funding and help insure our minority and underserved communities are well represented in our efforts. I have a particular interest in Education (STEM) and Global Climate Disruption,” continued Brother Rivers. My current duties as Director, Area Services Sales, are not directly impacted by this appointment, as I retain responsibility of leading my team of sales professionals towards our annual $550 M sales target. However, my increased responsibilities include quarterly board meetings, ongoing review of grant and funding proposals and allocations, as well as input and feedback on the future direction of the Foundation.