Greetings from the 3rd District History and Archives Committee (9-17-18):

The Monday Pearl is a weekly sharing of fraternity content, commentary, and research of historical value we hope Brothers will enjoy and from which Brothers will draw inspiration. The Committee encourages your feedback. Should you have reactions, comments, information, anecdotes, documents, and the like, related to any of the content we share, we’d very much like to hear from you. Please send all communication to

In our first edition of the Monday Pearl, we highlight the life and accomplishments of Brother William Henry Hastie, Jr. The attached research was compiled in connection with the Alpha Omega “Lest We Forget” (LWF) initiative, a chapter Reclamation and Retention effort in which Brothers gathered to fellowship around and reflect upon the Fraternity’s history, principles, accomplishments, and current and future relevance and purpose. The method of exploration and reflection was primarily (but not entirely) by way of biographical discovery and related discourse. LWF endeavored to get Brothers talking about Omega in such a way that each could more readily discover or re-discover his own compelling and mobilizing connection to Omega. This Hastie event occurred in 2016. We have provided the flyer used to advertise the event in case chapters are interested in organizing something similar. Please contact us if you have questions, or need help implementing something similar in your chapter.

Please read at your leisure, as this first installment of the Monday Pearl is somewhat lengthy. Subsequent installments will be of varying length, and likely less lengthy.

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3rd District History and Archives Committee