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In late 1955 early 1956 Omega's full-throated support of the NAACP's fight for first class citizenship was no coincidence. While the uninitiated might describe it simply as a natural culmination of events, the initiated know better. Woodson, Just, Cobb, and Looby, to name a few, were Omega men rooted in the noble cause of uplift and were, therefore, drawn to the NAACP as much as the NAACP was drawn to them. The Omega in them (Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift) made the Omega-NAACP relationship a symbiotic one. In 1955, Roy Wilkins, another in a long line of Omega's to lead and/or influence the NAACP in its purpose, became the organization's Executive Secretary. He would serve in that capacity for eight years and in 1964 become the organization's Executive Director until his retirement in 1977. His story is an important one to know.
I've clipped several articles that appeared in the Oracle from 1956-1981. If you are short on time, take something else off your schedule so you can read them all. If you can't bring yourself to make the requested prioritization, definitely check out the Winter 1976 and the Winter 1981 clippings. The latter includes Brother Wilkins' obituary written by Brother Langston Hughes. I like it because it captures the person of Roy Wilkins as much as it does the accomplishments of Roy Wilkins, of which there were many. We all benefited from his enlightened self-interest.

The articles can be downloaded by clicking on this link I've also included a 1956 letter from Milo C. Murray who was then serving as Chairman of the National Social Action Committee. From bridge building to brotherly cooperation. It's all in there.

Finally, if you get a chance, check out these clips I found on YouTube:  Make it a great week Brothers. Be noble! F.I.E.T.T.S. 3rd District History and Archives Committee ___________________________________
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