Greetings Brothers!

Congratulations to all the Brothers from the Third District who received service award recognitions at the 1st Annual Moses C. Norman, Sr. Leadership Conference. You are living history.

While participating in the Saturday Worship and Rededication Service, I was moved by Grand Chaplain Rev. Dr. Walter T. Richardson’s remarks in which he talked about three distinct types of Brothers – The Casual Brother, the Cultural Brother, and the Committed Brother. I’m sure there was at least one of each among those receiving service awards this time around. Brother Richardson caused me to think about the category in which I belonged. I was most impressed by Brother Richardson’s description of the Committed Brother, the fulcrum of which revealed the extent of one’s relative marginality in Omega, and hoped one day brothers would count me in the Committed Brother number. I have a long way to go, I’m sure.

Throughout the rest of that morning I thought less about myself and began thinking more about others who measured up to Brother Richardson’s Committed Brother definition and who, therefore, I might draw inspiration.

I then found myself enjoying the service awards during the undergraduate luncheon. At a similar event the previous day, I had the pleasure of sitting next to my chapter brother, Charles Briggs. As always, I enjoyed our conversation during which he shared with me that he was looking forward to receiving his 50-year recognition the following day. A day later I found myself sitting next to Brothers Amos Townsend, Rob Warren, and the legendary Bombay, As the program went on, I heard Brother Grand KRS, Mark Jackson, call the name of former District Representative, James R. Clark, Sr. who was there to receive his 70-year recognition. As I watched Brother Clark walk up to receive his recognition, I was at once moved and inspired. I was in the presence of the Committed – Clark, Briggs, Townsend, Warren, and Bombay. These and many others were the men Brother Richardson was talking about earlier that morning – never on the margins.

Congratulations Brother Clark. I’m told that in addition to serving the Third District as its 14th District Representative, you have served as KRS of Delta Omega Chapter for some 38 years. Now that is history! Thank you for your example.

Make it a great week Brothers. Be committed!

3rd District History and Archives Committee
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