Greetings Brothers!

Are we a learning organization? Is there enthusiasm in our learning? I recently read an article by John P. Murchison in the May 1924 Oracle (a rare gem) titled, "The Negro And Civilization." Although taken somewhat out of context, I thought Murchison's take on education was relevant when applied to modern-day Omega.  

Murchison proffered, "What, then, should be the nature and true aims of his education? Education, in its broadest sense, means the attempt to guide life so as to enhance its value. It implies the transmission of experience from one generation to another, the revision of experience through the discovery of new facts and new values, and an adjustment of behavior in accordance with this revision. With the Negro there has been little or none of this revision of experience; instead there has been an almost uncritical veneration of the past. The past has erred as well as it has achieved. The standards of value of things are determined not by their past but by their use in the present, by the extent to which they hinder or promote the results which are consciously desired now." The act of learning "is accompanied by emotion, which impedes [the act] by confusing it, or sustains it by giving it a compelling motive."

The lessons of history challenge us to be neither lukewarm in our learning nor too expedient and reactionary in our present and future constitution. Are we a learning organization?

Make it a great week Brothers. Be noble!
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