Greetings Brothers,

The History and Archives Committee is happy to welcome two new members, Brother David Carl (1993 Gamma currently with Alpha Omega) and Brother Terence Spence (2018 Delta Omega). The Committee welcomes their spirit and interest and looks forward to their future contributions.

Brother Carl hales from a long line of men of sterling worth and ever since I met him has impressed me with his commitment to carry on and add to the legacy of Gamma Chapter and the Fraternity at large We are lucky to have him in our ranks in the Third District. Brother Carl is a distinguished fraternity historian who currently serves on the International History and Archives Committee and has made numerous contributions to the fraternity’s historical record.

Brother Spence, although relatively new to the fraternity, is no less important to our mission as a Committee – that mission being to not simply record and regurgitate historical facts, but to apply and mobilize the examples and lessons from our history to help address and overcome contemporary challenges; bring to bear our enduring values such that we gain a clearer understanding of our path forward; and to more fully indoctrinate, acculturate, and deliver the organizational inheritance to our new members in such a way that provides context and motivation for their adding to what they receive. Brother Spence is similarly distinguished in that he raised his hand and said, “I’d like to be a part of what your are doing, how can I help?” His outreach and example are greatly appreciated.

This week’s Monday Pearl is provided by Brother David Carl and highlights the life and contributions of another Gamma chapter brother who made a big difference in the Third District. I enjoyed reading and learning about Brother Gordon Blaine Hancock, Prolific Journalist, Clergyman, Sociologist, and Professor Emeritus at Virginia Union. I hope you too enjoy learning about Brother Hancock’s contributions.

Make it a great week Brothers. Be noble!

3rd District History and Archives Committee

The Monday Pearl is provided by the Third District History and Archives Committee and is a weekly sharing of fraternity content, commentary, and research of historical value we hope Brothers will enjoy and from which Brothers will draw inspiration. Previous “Pearls” can be found at The Committee encourages your feedback. Should you have reactions, comments, information, anecdotes, documents, and the like, related to any of the content we share, we’d very much like to hear from you. Please send all communication to