Greetings Brothers!

On page 13 of the Dreer it reads as follows: “To prepare for the next meeting, the undergraduate Founders began to study the student body carefully. Each placed in a notebook or memorandum the names of prospective candidates. Men who were considered to be worthy from the point of view of scholarship, ability to fraternize, courage and the other cardinal principles already agreed upon, were to be approached as to their willingness to cooperate in this youthful venture.”

Through the attached collection of articles, this week’s Monday Pearl presents to some and introduces to others the story, contributions, and accomplishments of Brother Judge Arthur L. Burnett, Sr. (1954 Alpha). If you would have been a student on the campus of Howard University in 1954 you would have likely known him by the name of “Smiley” Burnett – the “regular guy” with the not so regular 4.0 grade point average. Affable, approachable, good-natured, purposeful, positive, hard-working, accountable, and smart. By the original Omega standard, Brother Burnett was and continues to be the genuine article…the crux of the whole matter.

Please take time to read the attached information. Recognize the Omega in Brother Burnett and, more importantly, celebrate and be motivated by the Brother Burnett in Omega.

Make it a great week Brothers. Be Noble!

3rd District History and Archives Committee
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