Greetings Brothers,

This week's Monday Pearl is a little light reading about a heavy dude, written by a heavy dude who happened to be a longtime member of a heavy District - The Third, of course. The attached article was written by Dr. Arthur P. Davis, Author and Professor of English at Howard University for roughly 30 years. Brother Davis was one of the foremost literary scholars on the Harlem Renaissance. Some of his biggest literary contributions were  "Harlem During The New Negro Renaissance,"  "Cavalcade: Negro American Writers from 1760 to the Present," "The Negro Caravan" which he wrote with Brother Sterling A. Brown, and "From The Dark Tower." Brother Davis was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Columbia University where he received the A.B ., A.M ., and Ph.D .degrees.

The attached article is from the Summer 1971 Oracle and provides a window into the life and genius of Brother James Mercer Langston Hughes (1926 Beta), known by a some as "L Train," and by others as "The Busboy Poet."

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