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Greetings from the 3rd District History and Archives Committee:

Put this one in the category of "Who knew?" While researching the evolution of the Third District, the Committee consulted with Brother Jonathan "Flash" Matthews (7-Spr83-A), who was kind enough to share the attached letter dated January 14,1928. The letter was written by District Representative Dallas F. Nicholas to Grand Keeper of Records and Seals (per letterhead, "Seals" was plural) Walter H. Mazyck, Esq.  The letterhead on which the letter appears contains in the margin a list of 17 District Representatives documenting the same number of Districts. Although there are likely some Brothers who knew this about our history, the Committee thought we'd share for those who may have been unaware.

Thanks to Brother Matthews, son of the Third District and longtime contributor to the discovery, documentation, and telling of our story.

In addition, last week's Monday Pearl referenced the work of Brother William A. Brower (1936 Upsilon), accomplished and ground-breaking journalist. In response, Brothers offered more information on Brother Brower's extraordinary and Omega Caliber example we hope you enjoy reading.

The Monday Pearl is provided by the Third District History and Archives Committee and is a weekly sharing of fraternity content, commentary, and research of historical value we hope Brothers will enjoy and from which Brothers will draw inspiration. The Committee encourages your feedback. Should you have reactions, comments, information, anecdotes, documents, and the like, related to any of the content we share, we'd very much like to hear from you. Please send all communication to 3dhistoryandarchives@gmail.com.

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