Greetings Brothers!

I was riding in the car today with a fraternity brother after leaving one of the many Martin Luther King, Jr. Day service projects in which we Omegas are inclined to enthusiastically participate. This particular event was called “We Feed Our People” (WFOP). Conceived and started by Brother Walter McGill (Rho Psi 1980), for 32 years now, WFOP has delivered on its mission of “shining a light on the plight of the poor and neglected.” What started as a response to the irony created by the King Holiday (commonly addressed as “A day on”) has through its agency made a positive difference in the fabric of a community. WFOP not only brings together people to help others in need, it teaches young people the importance of coming together to help people in need – and that is a blessing that keeps on blessing. Although fellowshipping in service to others with my brothers never gets old, I too enjoy watching the sons, daughters, and youth volunteers from area schools pitch in. They are learning important lessons.

During our car ride, I enjoyed listening to my brother reflect on his longtime involvement with WFOP. As he provided context and perspective on WFOP’s evolution, he referred more than once to “Martin Luther the King”, a not so subtle nod to a great man. It got me thinking about King’s plight and message and it reminded me of a message from the 25th Grand Basileus Cary D. Jacobs that appeared in the September 1963 Oracle, in which Jacobs (in my view) articulates the essence of King’s greatness – his message of and ability to facilitate “sticking together and working as a unit.” Although there were other leaders who chose different approaches to improving the African American circumstance, none was able to unite the masses like King.

Sticking together and working as a unit remains an important and instructive message from times past. It’s application and mobilization in both micro and macro contexts is useful in times present.

Please enjoy the view from the attached window into history. Happy MLK Day!

Read More – Sep1963Oracle_MLKandOmega

Make it a great week Brothers. Be Noble!

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