Greetings Brothers,
The Third District History and Archives Committee is pleased to announce that the Third District Artifact and Memorabilia Registration and Submission Utility is available. The utility can be found at, from the history section of the Third District website, and from the home page of the Third District Artifact and Memorabilia website for registering and submitting fraternal content can be found in the attached Third District Artifact Registration and Submission Instructions document.
The Committee is also providing an updated Third District Archive SOP, a Third District Archive Content Summary Report, and a Third District Archive Collections List with Descriptions report (which is more detailed than the summary report).  Please note that this is only the beginning. The Committee encourages and looks forward to your contributions to the preservation and promotion of our worthy legacy. Please make sure you and your chapter are represented in this historical record..
Lastly, we'd like to recognize and thank Brothers Cornelius Beidleman and Derrick Clarke of the Automation Committee for their time, talents, and positive/can-do involvement in this project. We sincerely appreciate their contribution.
Third District History and Archives Committee
History and Archives Artifact

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