Our service to our community can best be accomplished by the aid of talented, competent Brothers, willing to roll up their sleeves and carry out the true mission of Omega.

I hope we can count on you to reactivate your standing with the Fraternity today.

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Greetings Brothers

We are excited to provide tools and resources for you to use to make Omega better for all of us.  Be sure to select the Reclamation Chairman link to view the list of 3rd District Chairman.  This page will be update frequently so check back often.

Overall the Reclamation and Retention Committee is focused on three main areas.

• Providing resources to the Fraternity to engage active and inactive brothers
• Establishing goals and metrics for the Chapters and Districts to maintain and
grow membership.
• Increase awareness through marketing and social media.

Make no mistake retention and reclamation is the duty of every Brother and it is going to require some effort from all of you.

Did you know that only 1 out of every 5 Brothers pay dues beyond their Initiation fees?  Many Brothers claim to love our Fraternity, still participate in social Omega activities, and “represent” Omega through paraphernalia, friendships, etc. yet are not active and financial with their local chapter.  Essentially these Brothers are pulling out all of the things that they like about Omega and abandoning the rest.  Why not take advantage of your FULL Omega?

Is this what you promised Omega when you took the Oath?
When you sought out Omega your letter of intent had a list of all of the things you would BRING to the fraternity and the value you would ADD. . .

Doesn’t Omega deserve your best?
No Brother can go back and change what their Omega has been but all of us can start today and determine what our Omega experience will be.  An organization that has survived for more than 100 years doesn’t happen by accident . . .

Are you Done Already?
I implore you, my Brothers to use the same enthusiasm exhibited to join this great fraternity to maintain and grow it.  The way to “fix” all that is wrong with Omega is to get involved.  Remember “Running from it will not save you!!”

Omega has kept its promise, will you?
We are excited to provide additional tools and resources for you to use to engage the Brotherhood and make Omega better for all of us.  We don’t have all of the ideas, so please continue to share with our committee so we can get the word out.  You have the opportunity to lay the foundation for our next 100 Century of achievement. . .

In Friendship and Fraternity,

Reginald Parker
3rd District Reclamation Chair