Glen Allen, VA – Saturday, August 4, 2018, the Upsilon Nu Scholarship and Social Action (UNSSAF) facilitated the Charles W. Finley Memorial Training. The session was designed to provide learning opportunities to the members of the Upsilon Nu Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

The genesis of the train is circa 2012 when Basileus Franklin Dunn surveyed the Chapter and found that the top opportunity identified to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the chapter was to provide training. Based on this defined need, Brother Freager Sanders pulled together resources and held the first Chapter Retreat.  This is now an annual event and was named “Charles W. Finley Memorial Training” in memory of a founding father of the Chapter that had a passion for education and uplift.

Topics covered a broad spectrum that included fraternal knowledge, personal health, personal life management, emergency preparedness, effective committee leadership and spiritual enhancement. Over 30 Brothers attended the interactive session.

Brother Freager Sanders, UNSSAF Chairman and overall coordinator of the session relayed, “Knowledge is key to success in your life.  We developed the training agenda to give the Chapter an opportunity to learn about multiple topics and to highlight the areas of expertise that Brothers in the Chapter possess.  We consider ourselves the “best of the best” and the only way to maintain that position is to always be in position to share and receive knowledge”.

Post the training; the attendees attended a Fellowship Cookout at the home of Brother Darryl Exum. Food, paraphernalia swap, discussions about the current state of affairs in the Fraternity and the community, as well as stories from years gone by were shared.

Brother Jeffery Tarpley said, “This was excellent.  We are getting better every year”!

Submitted by Bro. Freager R. Sanders, III

Charles W. Finley Memorial Training Retreat

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