Glen Allen, Virginia, Saturday, August 3, 2019, the Upsilon Nu Scholarship and Social Action (UNSSAF) facilitated the Charles W. Finley Memorial Training. The session was designed to provide learning opportunities to the members of Upsilon Nu.

The genesis of the train is circa 2012 when Basileus Franklin Dunn surveyed the Chapter and found that the top opportunity identified to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the chapter was to provide training. Based on this defined need, Brother Freager Sanders pulled together resources and held the first Chapter Retreat.  This is now an annual event and was named “Charles W. Finley Memorial Training”, in memory of a founding father of the Chapter that had a passion for education and uplift.

The purpose of the retreat since its inception is to provide an opportunity for training and development for brothers in the Upsilon Nu Chapter. Topics range from Fraternity history, protocol, health and wellness, financial acumen, insurance, estate planning and spiritual enrichment. All training is facilitated by brothers from the Chapter. Brother Freager Sanders, Chairman of UNSSAF and facilitator of the event commented “The purpose of the event is twofold. Primarily, the intent is to expand each brother’s knowledge on a broad range of topics. Secondarily, identify brothers that have expertise in areas that can be beneficial to both brothers of the chapter and the fraternity”.

Brother Jeffery Tarpley, who has attended all of the retreats said “Every year we get better! Everyone did a good job!” Twenty-Four brothers attended the training, ranging from Brother Ed West (Rho ‘67) to Brother Madrice Hamn (YN 2018). All brothers left with a positive learning experience and a renewed commitment to continue the journey of Omega.

One of the most rewarding parts of the Retreat is the presentations from brothers on various topics that provide focus. Brother Sanders and those in attendance thanks the presenters for all the effort and thought they put into those presentations. The variety of topics were economics, relationships, business protocol and spirituality.

Opening Prayer                                                                                               Brother P.  Patrong

Ground Rules                                                                                                  Brother F.  Sanders

Greeting / State of the Fraternity / Protocol                                                     Brother M.  Swain

Upsilon Nu History                                                                                        Brother M. Hamm

Fraternal Relationships Matter                                                                        Brother G. Parham

Planning for Retirement                                                                                  Brother R. Walker

Life Insurance 101                                                                                          Brother I. Fortenberry

Upsilon Nu & UNSSAF Relationship                                                            Brother F.  Sanders

Importance of Professionalism in Business                                                    Brother W. Curtis

Spiritual Leadership                                                                                        Brother P. Patrong

The 3rd District Strategic Plan has been a key resource as we focus to be not a Chapter of success but a Chapter of value.

“We want to hold ourselves accountable to metrics and we are willing to look in the mirror and ask are we making a difference. We have to continue taking steps, build on where we can get better, pushing ourselves to recognize where we can get better,” stated Brother Edwards

The Retreat allows us to come together and learn and gain new ways of focusing our efforts and actions.

Submitted by Bro. Freager R. Sanders, III                                    Pictures by Bro. Jeffery Tarpley