“100 Bikes for 100 Boys” Project

On December 15, 2021, the Brothers Alpha Chapter, Third District of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., located in Washington, D.C., blessed the young scholars of the Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys in Southeast Washington, D.C. with a token of duty to the community. As the Chapter approaches its Centennial Celebration, Brother Reverend Aaron Donnelly (Alpha Omega, 2020) had a vision and, with the assistance of Social Action Chairman Brother Wendell Bugg, exhibited ingenuity for the Chapter by successfully implementing and completing its “100 Bikes for 100 Boys” project.

The Fraternity’s Cardinal Principles are embodied in Statesmen Academy’s mission, vision, and philosophical statement of equipping young African American and Latino boys with academic skills and encouragement through bonded relationships. More importantly, our organization will serve as a village of men to insulate and help young scholars navigate the pitfalls, snares, and distractions of life. Brother Melvin Smith (Alpha Omega, 2020), who is on the staff at the school, enthusiastically and resolutely lives a sermon in the presence of the students. As a consequence of his daily walk, the young men at Statesmen entrust him with their struggles, vulnerabilities and see him as a refuge. They clearly observe how he serves as a covering for them.
Alpha Omega Chapter is under the leadership of Basileus Reverend Lucius M. Dalton, who encouraged Brother Donnelly to present the project at the November 2021 Chapter Meeting. The enthusiastic support of The Men of Alpha Omega Chapter brought their vision to fruition within a matter of 30 days and left an indelible imprint within our community. Through a detailed plan of action, assembly of a team of like-minded Brothers, and the grace of God, 100 bikes (along with 100 safety helmets) were presented to the academy’s CEO Shawn Hardnett by Basileus Dr. Lucius M. Dalton.

“This is what we are capable of doing when industry and ingenuity couples themselves with God and prayer. This is what we are doing.” – Brother Rev. Aaron Donnelly. As Alpha Omega Chapter approaches its Centennial Celebration, continue to expect other “100” themed Mandated Programs. The Chapter is committed to upholding the tenets of this esteemed organization.

Authored by Brother Robert G. Holman, Jr
Pictures provided by Bro. Delray Brown
Alpha Omega Chapter Reporter