Greetings Brothers of the Third District,

Mother’s Day – The day when we honor mothers and the sanctity of motherhood. Mother’s Day originated over a century ago in the United States, and some have traced it back to ancient Greek and the Romans. It is a day for us to celebrate, commemorate, and show our appreciation to mothers of all kinds, including sisters, wives, and grandmothers, to name a few. This celebration is an expression of our love for their hard work, the labor of love, unselfishness, and sacrifices they have made for their faith, family, friends, and others.

Some would say a mother’s unconditional love is unmatched. Mothers take on numerous roles, including caregiver, counselor, mediator, educator, home nurse, chef, relationship coach, spiritual leader, and financial advisor.

Brothers, “honor… thy mother: so that you may live long in the land….” Exodus 20:12. Let us not allow the circumstances of the environment to stop us from creating a celebratory moment that will last forever. Remember, it is the little things that count. There are several ways to honor the true first person to love you unconditionally, including a quiet moment, phone call, visit, homecooked meal, and family gathering. For the mothers who are no longer with us, their memory still lives forever in our hearts. Please take the time to bask in the joyous, enthusiastic, timeless, and joyful memories of feeling our mother’s warm embrace, times of laughter, encouraging words, and guidance that will always be with you.

As all real men do, Brothers continue to cherish and protect the mothers in your life, as they are beautiful, insightful, strong, queens, and the temple God uses to be the giver of life. Our mothers risk their lives to bring us into the world. Therefore, without our mothers, there would be no you. She is deserving of purple-violet flowers and her weight in gold. God has anointed her with the strength, intelligence, thoughtfulness, endurance, and ingenuity, all the tools and characteristics of a Mother.

On behalf of the Brothers of the Third District, we send Mother’s Day blessings to the Mothers in your lives!

In Friendship,

Brother Conrado Morgan
District Representative
Third District, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
(e-mail) 3rdDistrictDR@OPPF.Org