RICHMOND, Virginia, Upsilon Nu conducted it’s quarterly Adopt-A-Street clean-up program in downtown Richmond. Upsilon Nu has been conducting this program for over ten years.

The Adopt-A-Street is designed to help clean up Richmond. Individuals, organizations and businesses adopt a street, intersection, lot, park, most anywhere. The participants agree to keep the area cleared of litter for at least two years. The program is a partnership between the city of Richmond and it’s merchants, organizations and residents.  The Adopt-A-Street program creates a cleaner, more pleasant environment for everyone who lives, works and shops in the adopted areas.

The program also strengthens community ties as neighbors and merchants work together to keep Richmond clean. Many times Brothers have brought members of their families to participate in the clean-up. “It is good for our children to see these types of efforts and community give back”, says Bro. Johnson, a member of the committee. Upsilon Nu as part of it’s commitment to this program has adopted two streets, 2nd Street and West Duval Street.                      


Article by Bro. Michael Edwards                               Pictures by  Jerome Jackson

Upsilon Nu Supports Adopt-A-Street

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