Omega U Mentors take students of Omega U out to a Friday night football game between undefeated Freedom High School Eagles and the Woodbridge Senior High School Vikings on Friday October 13, 2017 at Freedom High School.

Omega U students and parents participated with Omega U mentors in watching an exhilarating high school football game for local bragging rights of two undefeated teams of the Freedom Eagles and the Woodbridge Vikings on October 13th, 2017 at Freedom High School in Woodbridge Virginia.

Omega U students, parents, and mentors of Omega U was able to experience a wonderful football game in addition to sitting next to the absolutely awesome and renown Freedom Eagle Marching Band of Freedom High School. For many of the students from the Omega U program this was their first high school football game.  They were not disappointed in a 41-14 victory in way of the Freedom Eagles. Students was able to watch minutes into the game a 60-yard TD run by the Freedom QB on an option read play.


Omega U | Friday Night Lights

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