Richmond, Virginia Saturday October 21, 2017 Upsilon Nu Chapter and Phi Phi chapter as part of their Joint Mentoring program, took fourteen members of the Omega Stars mentoring program to the premiere of the movie “Marshall”. This outing is just part of the enrichment portion of the Omega Stars mentoring program. Brothers Jamal Hill and Patrick Patrong representing Phi Phi and Upsilon Nu respectively are the custodians of the program.

As we take the kids to movies like this, we are very much aware that this is where the work begins, because they don’t have the context of what the movie is about, we are well aware they will not get the context in their schools. So the challenge lies on us to expose them to as much as possible and at the same time educate them on what they are seeing and the impacts of what they are seeing.

“We were trying to expose the students to a lesser known part of Thurgood Marshall’s life. The story reflected on accepting challenges with the associated work required to succeed against the odds. And also to demonstrate that even though Mr. Marshall made great sacrifices to achieve some of his successes, he realized he could not do it alone” , stated Bro. Patrong. There are currently 20 males in the program, of which 14 were able to attend the movie and get a chance to hang out with the brothers. Next up the participant will be working on a social action program in November.


Article by Bro. Michael Edwards                                          Pictures by Bro. Patrick Patrong

Omega Stars Academy Program

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