Greetings Brothers of the Mighty Third District,
I pray that this message finds you well. As we approach the fall elections, I am asking each of you to pro-actively to participate in this year’s Mid-Term Election. I know that each of you understands the importance of voting and exercising your civic right to participate in each election. Our Founders and the early builders of our grand Fraternity also recognized this valuable civic catalyst for change and community development and improvement and consequently made it one of our mandated programs. Not voting can result in candidates being elected who do not represent the interests of our communities. Therefore, I am asking each Chapter to do the following in our service area:
1). Between now and Saturday, October 15, 2018, I am requesting EVERY CHAPTER to utilize social media and other methods to promote and conduct one final Voter Registration Drive. This Voter Registration Drive can be held singly or in partnership with a church, another Greek-Letter organization, a non-partisan organization such as the NAACP, the League of Women Voters, The Poor People’s Campaign, Voto Latino, or Rock The Vote, etc. The only stipulation is that the partnering organization must be non-partisan.
2). Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, 2018. If Brothers are able to work as volunteers at the polls, I encourage you to do so. As an example, the Brothers of Pi Lambda Lambda Chapter have given out water and snacks to voters standing in long lines as people waited to vote.
3). On Election Day, Chapters should try to partner with churches and other organizations to provide transportation to the polls. No Chapter should be liable for providing these services, but if your Chapter is available to assist with drivers to these organizations, please do so. Also, LYFT is providing free and discounted rides to the polls. DO NOT take on this responsibility. There is no need to put your Chapter and the Fraternity at risk, and finally
4). VOTE! If possible, VOTE EARLY, and take someone with you!
Brother Kevin Brown
District Representative

DR’s Voter Registration 2018 Message

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