Greetings Brothers of the Third District,
In remembering the words of Langston Hughes, life is definitely not a crystal stair for Black Men in this country. However, the recent months (and years) have made it keenly aware of the numbers of Black Fathers who have been taken from their families far too soon. Whether by gun violence, police brutality or the carceral state, there are far too many families growing up without a father present in their lives.
There are clearly institutional and structural forces in this country that are removing Black men from their homes and communities. How can we curb this tide and build holistic communities? I don’t have the answers, but I do know there are groups across the country working to strengthen Black male relationships, confidence and mental health. For those interested in learning and doing more, the work of Brother Fairchild and the Fatherhood Initiative are helping to change this statistic. So, as we move forward into the latter half of 2018, I hope we can commit ourselves to learning and doing more to support Black men and youth in this country.
So, to all the Dads out there, it is my genuine hope that you know you are loved and appreciated by so many people, even if you only have an old tie as proof.
On behalf of the Third District Executive Council, I wish you all a Happy Father's Day...
In Friendship,
Brother Kevin Brown
District Representative

DR’s Father’s Day Message 2018

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