The Retention Committee is charged with retaining 100% of the Brothers in the district yearly. The committee will formulate and coordinate all programs within the District as it pertain to retention.

Our service to our community can best be accomplished by the aid of talented, competent Brothers, willing to roll up their sleeves and carry out the true mission of Omega.

I hope we can count on you to retain your standing with the Fraternity.

3rd District Chapter Retention Chairman Roster

Dr. Rossie Johnson
3rd District Retention Chair
(804) 980-0202
 Chapter Chairmen EmailPhoneChapter
1Jonn 691-2485Delta Omega
2Robert 539-6246Upsilon Nu
3Michael Brice 435-2287Alpha Alpha
4Craig "Smoke" 264-2883Pi Lambda Lambda
5Ben Gravelybengravely@comcast.net276-806-0515Tau Omicron
6Marcus 484-9616Sigma Mu Mu
7Vic 703 582-1425Psi Nu
8Terrance Jamestrjames2533@gmail.com571-216-5399Kappa Psi
9Johari Hemphilljohari.hemphill@gmail.com316-993-5270Sigma Mu Mu
10Frank S. Borris IIemstreet711@gmail.com202-253-1481Alpha Omega
11Michael HintonOneque72@hotmail.com804-454-5522Omicron Omega
12Ricky 620-4157Sigma Kappa Kappa
13George Rowangrowan2283@yahoo.com850-339-4077Phi Phi
14George Millerkilamiller8@gmail.com540-467-0057Gamma Alpha
15Tony Wellstonyarthurwells@gmail.com703-898-1943Psi Alpha Alpha
16Ron Motonrmoton@cox.net757-344-8201Kappa Iota Iota
17Stafford Brownsbrown630@msn.com757-620-4088Alpha Iota
18Kimmel Danielkimmel.daniel39@gmail.com703-999-8677Omicron Kappa Kappa
19Tommy Smithtps1120@gmail.com757-576-6107Gamma Xi
20Michael Pinnmichaelpinn09 @gmail.com434-665-0358Gamma Omega
21Ulysses Robinsonusrobinson1951@aol.com757-870-6618Lambda Omega
22Pitman Rockprock84@aol.com703-585-8099Tau Rho
23James Greenqueman71@yahoo.com434-836-3015Rho Iota
24Keith FoskeyLNUQUE4@charter.netLambda Nu
25Michael WilliamsMikeDub85@aol.com757-613-3981Zeta Iota
26A. Benjamin Spencerbspencer@law.virginia.edu703-725-5211Xi Iota
27Brian Tylerbatyler@email.com757-535-3960Zeta Omicron
28David Browndbrown847@yahoo.com615-260-3789Zeta Mu Mu