November 6, 2016

Upsilon Nu Supports Wilder Achievement Center College Fair

Richmond, Virginia November 1, 2016, Brothers of Upsilon Nu came out to support the L. Douglas Wilder Middle School ‘Achievement Center College Fair’, approximately 80 middle school students came out to learn about college and careers.


The middle school students came armed with a booklet to capture information about colleges and what they had to offer, they also came with lots of questions for us as well. The students were wide eyed as they entered the gymnasium filled with tables decorated with flyers and other information about many of the Virginia colleges and colleges from outside where some of the speakers had attended.

The format grouped the students into groups of 5 to 6; each group then visited each table and spoke with us about college and careers. Though many of the students were 5th and 6th grade, it was amazing to watch them as they tried to comprehend what was being said. It was comical as they asked the predefined questions from their booklets and wrote down our responses even from time to time asking us to help them spell a word or two.


One of the students, Josh, asked what college I attended and what my major, stated Brother Michael Edwards was. That was just one of many questions I was asked, and that all of us were asked. As I answered him and many others, I wonder how much of what I was saying was really getting through to them; they seem so young and curious. I found myself thinking maybe my words would have more impact it they were in the 8th grade, but if you can reach or motivate just one, well that’s one more.

We asked the students what they thought college was. They asked do all colleges offer financial aid, scholarships or grants. They asked if we like our jobs and were it in the field we majored in. We asked them why they want to go to college, several replied they would like be the first to attend and graduate and that was more important than what their major was.

Brother Michael Harris, who coordinated this effort stated, “I’m glad that the Brothers came out to support this event, even though there were many others in attendance, when Omega comes through the excitement level intensifies. Many of the students asked questions about the fraternity and the colors and if we were all really Brothers.

Karen said she wanted to be a Doctor a Lawyer and a Social Worker. Emia wants to be a Dancer and wanted to know what classes she should take in high school that would help her get into college.

We tried to impress upon the students that reading and writing are always going to be skills that can help them no matter what occupation they pursue and that reading should be a lifelong endeavor. This is a great program and it is needed at this level to let the student see and learn about the possibilities that are available stated Bro. Deas.


Just sitting down and having a conversation with groups of kids is very refreshing. The kids at this age are so open and are so full of questions once they open up and start talking. It only takes one and then the others just jump right in with their questions, stated Bro. Shuford.

Article Submitted By Bro. Michael Edwards        Pictures by: Bro. Alex Deas

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