March 30, 2017

Upsilon Nu Supports Pan-Hellenic Habitat ReStore

RICHMOND, Virginia, Saturday, March 25, 2017

Upsilon Nu Chapter came out to support the Richmond Pan-Hellenic Habitat ReStore community project. The Richmond Habitat ReStore acts as retail outlet offering donated building and home improvement supplies for sale to the general public at greatly reduced prices. Many business and individuals make donations every day to this facility and the amount and size of these donations at times require volunteers.

What many do not realize or see is the amount of effort maintains the infrastructure and inventory. One would be amazed by the size of the facility in Richmond, Virginia. Countless shelves and aisles of goods needing to be cataloged and inventory stored. According to the Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report thanks to supporters and volunteers, 22 families were served last year via new builds, rehabs, critical home repairs and furnishings. Upsilon Nu is proud to be a member of that select group.

During the course of the day, the Brothers of Upsilon Nu moved materials and furnishings throughout the facility. Many in the community who once thought only of the home building component when they hear Habitat for Humanity now have a newfound understanding, now donate and come to the facility to make purchases.

During the orientation session Jenn our Volunteer Coordinator explained that owning a home through RMHFH isn’t just about having a roof over your head; it’s about improving each person’s quality of life, not only with physical surroundings but also by instilling the sense of pride and responsibility that come with homeownership.

“It’s really great that the brothers came out to support us like this. Upsilon Nu keeps a busy social service schedule and for them to come out like this really makes me feel proud. Not all chapters have a Pan-Hellenic Council in their area and as a result of those of us that do,  have an additional responsibility to actively support their initiatives as well as our own”, stated Bro. Miguel Johnson, Upsilon Nu representative to the Pan-Hellenic Council.


Submitted by Bro. Michael Edwards

Pictures by Bro. Miguel Johnson

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