RICHMOND, Virginia, Sunday September 16, 2018, Upsilon Nu Chapter, Third District, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., came out to participant in the “Meet the Candidates” forum, held on the campus of Virginia Union University.

Panel included: Corey Stewart - Republican vying for Senator Tim Kaine - incumbent Senator, sent surrogate Matt Waters - Libertarian for US Senate Ryan McAdams - Republican for US Congress, sent surrogate, Bishop Benjamin Donald McEachin - Democrat, US Representative, 4th District Abigail Spanberger - Democrat, vying for US Representative, 7th District Joseph Walton - Libertarian, running for US Representative, 7th District Pete Wells - Libertarian, running for US Representative

Each candidate was giving 3-minutes for opening comments, 2 minutes to respond to questions, and 1 minute for closing comments. The moderator asked 8 questions and allowed any or all panel members to answers. The questions ranged from “What’s the role of civility in politics?” to “Do you believe Equal Rights Amendment should be ratified?” to “How do you plan to improve the Cradled to Prison phenomenon?” None of the candidates strayed too far from party lines, for example when questioned about the solvency of Social Security and Medicaid/care, the Republican response was cut spending, Democrats response was increase taxes, and Libertarians’ answered with privatizing.

While the audience was mixed, it would be safe to conclude the majority were democrats based on the rare and unpredicted catcalling and occasional boos at the Republican responses. The blunt of these were directed towards Corey Stewart, especially when he tried to assert Senator Tim Kaine took the Democratic black vote for granted, which he concluded was Sen. Kaine’s reason for missing the forum. The unfiltered exchanges allowed for deeper insight into the candidates’ positions on issues and their passions. The Libertarians expressed their gratitude to be invited, because they generally do not have a seat at the table, even though they are on the ballot.

Attendees were asked to check their voter registration status, on the website and also to encourage their networks and associates to also check their status and share the website during their voter registration, education and mobilization efforts.

“Events like this are so important for the community to have a chance to see and hear from those who say they want to represent us in Congress. The opportunity to meet and question their views is crucial. I am especially happy that this event is being held on the campus of a fine HBCU institution. It is import that the students here and members of the community at-large can participate,” stated Brother Ted Braggs - Chairman of the Upsilon Nu’s Voter Registration Education and Mobilization (VREM) Committee.

Submitted by Bro. Miguel Johnson                            Pictures by Bro. Miguel Johnson

Upsilon Nu Supports “Meet the Candidates Forum”

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