December 12, 2016

Upsilon Nu Supports Capital Diaper Bank Drive

RICHMOND, Virginia, Wednesday, December 7, 2016. Upsilon Nu continues its partnership with Capital Diaper Bank to conduct another successful diaper drive campaign. Capital Diaper Bank is a 501c3 organization that is dedicated to aiding families undergoing financial crises or disasters, helping protect and care for their children. The program began as a small internal diaper bank to decrease the number of infections caused by parents reusing diapers. The chapter made a donation of $500.00 which will allow the Capital Diaper Bank to use those funds to either purchase diapers or toward providing life-changing support services to families undergoing a crisis or disaster.


Each year Upsilon Nu has increased the amount of diapers and donations it has been able to donate. Brother Michael Swain observed, “There is a significant need throughout the state, and there is no social services funding for this effort, so this truly is a grassroots effort.”


Upsilon Nu set a goal to exceed last year’s total contributions. “Capital Diaper Bank is an American Red Cross, Disaster Services – Partner, which works very well with our chapter programming since we also partner with the American Red Cross via our Charles Drew Blood drives which we hold twice a year, thanks to the great work of Bro. Raymond Fitts”, states Bro. Michael Edwards, a member of the Social Action Committee.


Brothers were given a tour of the facility, where they were able to see some of the children in classes. They were able also to see some of the services being provided.  Ms. Bradley said the organization is working with kids as young as one-year-old. Many of these children come from neglected circumstances, and these services are vital. There just aren’t enough services and facilities for the demands of the community. We have provided services for over fifteen thousand families statewide, continued Ms. Bradley. “This is a passion for me and my staff, we don’t do it for the money, and we are hoping to get more grant support, but there is a lot of competition for grant funding so we try and make our services stretch as much as we can.”




Article by Bro. Michael Edwards

Pictures by Bro. Michael Edwards and Diaper Drive Volunteers

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