August 14, 2016

Upsilon Nu Day in Richmond, Virginia Proclamation

RICHMOND, Virginia, Wednesday July 13, 2016 office of the Mayor of Richmond, Virginia. Upsilon Nu Chapter received one of its greatest recognitions for years of community service in the greater Richmond area.

Mayor Dwight C. Jones hosted Upsilon Nu for a photo-op and expressed his pride and that of the Richmond community for their long history of service.

District Representative Ezekiel “Zeke” Dennison Jr., was also on hand for the presentation. Seated from left to right are the officers that were in office when the proclamation was announced. Keeper of Finance Bro. Matthew Peanort, Vice-Basileus Bro. Robert Stevenson, Basileus Bro. James Clark, Hon. Dwight Jones- Mayor of Richmond, District Representative Bro. Ezekiel “Zeke” Dennison Jr. Keeper of records and Seal Bro. Hill and Chaplain Bro. Dexter Cannon.

Upsilon Nu Proclamation Day 2016

Bro. Dennison expressed his pride and that of the 3rd District, in Upsilon Nu for having a proclamation proclaiming October 12, 2016 as Upsilon Nu Chapter Day in Richmond, Virginia. Bro. Dennison stated that we have to continue to tell our story in not only the community of Richmond but in communities all over the district.

Upsilon Nu Proclamation Day 2016-2

Thanks go out to Bro. Michael Edwards whose efforts with the mayor’s staff made the proclamation possible.

Submitted by Bro. Michael Edwards     Pictures by Bro. Daren Exum

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