RICHMOND, Virginia, Tuesday March 27, 2018 Upsilon Nu Chapter came out to support Career Day at L. Douglas Wilder Middle School. Bro. Michael Harris coordinated the event with Wilder Middle School. The presentations were broken down by grade levels 6th, 7th and 8th.  Brothers gave presentations on the following career areas: Insurance, Manufacturing, Accounting and Finance. Over sixty kids were presented with presentations on possible career paths.

Bro. Michael Swain spoke about careers in the Insurance Industry; the kids were surprised to know that there were many different types of occupations within the Insurance industry. Bro. T.R. Darden spoke to the kids about careers in Accounting and Finance. Bro. Darden made the kids aware that it was okay to have multiple skills and multiple occupations and that is why it is so important to pay attention in class and to read as often as possible. Each year we come here we can see the enthusiasm from the kids. Many were present last year for our initial partnership.

Bro. Freager Sanders presentation was focused on giving the students a simple description of manufacturing and potential careers in the field. “The students in the STEMS program were actively engaged and interested in gaining an understanding of what they needed to do to prepare for roles in manufacturing. Most understood the importance of focusing on their education.” stated Bro. Sanders.

Submitted by Bro. Michael Edwards                            Pictures by Bro. Michael Harris and Michael Edwards

Upsilon Nu Career Day at Wilder Middle School

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