It would be the night before Christmas and the Ques would be calling into pray

They started with a few but the line grew larger from day to day

The vision of one Bishop Stacatto Powell to be exact

He only knew that he had heard from God and that was a fact

So he called for his district chaplains to meet him on line at 6:30 in the morn; was that a joke?

Ok said the twelve because most of them liked to fish and were only country folks

So they called in on the line from north and south, east and west

Accepting the challenge to pray early each morning and to lead the devotion, giving it their best

The fellowship grew stronger between the Grand Chaplain and his praying Omegas,

So that one year, in person, we even met in Las Vegas

No, not to gamble, run the strip, or even see the sights,

Just as Omega Psi Phi praying men, along with the Grand Basileus Knox,

serving as men in the midst of darkness as the Supreme Basileus’ beacon lights

Now as men of Omega giving God all glory and praise, for all to Him is due

And it started early one morning, calling on line to pray, with just a few


“Merry Christmas to all and I will call you in the morning”

Bro. Rev. Dr. James Edwards, III



Zeta Iota  via 6-98 Lambda Omega



Poem 2017 – The Ques Are On The Line

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