Phi Phi celebrated the 106th Anniversary of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.


Phi Phi celebrated the 106th Anniversary of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. with activities from November 15th through November 19th.  The celebration included an Achievement Week Banquet, highlighting the achievements of brothers of our chapter and members of our community.

Achievement Week, one of our mandated programs, is observed each November and is designed to recognize those individuals at the local and international levels who have contributed to community uplift.

The Achievement Week Banquet was held on Saturday November 18, 2017 at the Living and Learning Center on the campus of Virginia Union University. The theme: "When the World Calls, Omega Men Answer".  Bro. Dr. Melvin L. Rose, Phi Phi’s Chaplin, served as the events Keynote Speaker.

Bro. Kenny Williams, Chairman of the Feed 500 Thanksgiving Food Drive, was the recipient of the " Omega Man of the Year Award". "Bro. Williams exemplifies our Four Cardinal Principles of: Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift.   He is the embodiment of our motto:  "Friendship is Essential to the Soul"

Our Award winners are: Founders Award: Bro. Nelson Colbert; Superior Service Award: Bro. Leroy Mason, Jr.; Omega Man of the Year: Bro. Kenny Williams; 500 Mile Award Bro. Anthony Garrett; Omega Man of the Year: (Undergraduate- Virginia Union University) Bro. Jamie Tyler; Citizen of the Year: Indira Williams and Citizen Awards: Camilla Battle and Kenneth Johnson.


Psi Alpha Alpha Chapter Celebrates their Anniversary

Springfield, VA. December 26th, 1980 marks the date of the chartering of the Psi Alpha Alpha chapter founded and charged to conduct fraternity operations in Fairfax County, Virginia. Each year the Brothers of Psi Alpha Alpha gather on this day in order to commemorate and reflect on our proud tradition and to charge forward into the new fiscal year motivated to continue and enhance our efforts. On December 26th, 2017, Brothers would join at the Houlihan’s Restaurant in Springfield, Virginia to celebrate yet again.

Two charter members to include Brother Isaiah Barnwell Jr., and Willard Jasper were present for this occasion along with Brother Norris Middleton a member of the first line (First Five) of Psi Alpha Alpha. Several additional chapter brothers joined in on the occasion to take part in a new experience to pay homage to this day. The creation of a time capsule to be opened in a predetermined number of years was the bill of the day for those in attendance.

Brothers taking part on this day were engaged in the creation of a Psi Alpha Alpha time capsule to be opened sometime in the future. Stocked in the time capsule were the following starter items to include; three December 26th newspapers, chapter roster, names of the elected officers, bag of Bernie L. Bates Reading for Success books, Basileus coin, the year 2017 summary, and a chapter photo. As a means to document who was present on this day, brothers were charged to sign their name in the white margin space surrounding the chapter photo in gold to include their name and tag.

In addition, each fraternity brother was asked to write the number of years he believed that the capsule should stay sealed before opening in the future. These numbers were averaged to determine that the capsule would be opened and examined in seventeen years on December 26, 2034 by the men of Psi Alpha Alpha at the 54th charter anniversary. As a caveat, Brother Gregory Mitchell suggested that we add to the capsule on occasion to further document our actions into the future to which we gladly obliged. Lastly, brothers took a few minutes to reflect on what the chapter has done and what it can become in the future with letters to be opened in 2034. Each member was tasked to share his thoughts in written word for future brothers to examine and reflect upon after opening the capsule.

Beginning with 1955 Xi Psi Brother Isaiah Barnwell, Jr., and ending with 2017 Psi Alpha Alpha Brother Emanuel Carter, each fraternity member in the room had the opportunity to share their thoughts on the chapter’s birth and growth into the future. Listening to each brother speak was a special moment, as each of us caught just a glimpse of what it means to be a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated and an Psi Alpha Alpha Brother. The men of Psi Alpha Alpha look forward to the continuation of this tradition and await the day to open and examine the contents of the chapter time capsule on December 26, 2034.


Brother Kevin Williams,

Chapter Reporter, Psi Alpha Alpha Chapter

DR’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2018 Message

Greetings my Brothers of the Third District,
Since 1986, three years after President Ronald Reagan signed the holiday into law, every third Monday in January is designated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a federal holiday that celebrates Dr. King’s life and work. In 1994, Congress named MLK, Jr. Day as a National Day of Service and since then Americans have often celebrated the day through acts of service, dubbing the holiday “A Day On, Not a Day Off.”  This movement also aligns with Former President Obama’s National Call for all Americans to incorporate volunteerism and public service into their daily lives as a responsibility of citizenship.  I am asking the Brotherhood to join the Nation in remembering and celebrating the great American leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and recommit ourselves to realizing his dream of equality and justice for all.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired a Nation to rise up against discrimination, injustice, poverty and war. He believed that the most pressing challenges we face could be resolved through peaceful non-violent action. Dr. King also encouraged this country and the world to be relentless in defense of marginalized communities of our society. Believing that acts of service were the great equalizer, he stated, “Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve.”
We are committed to honoring his legacy.  That means recognizing the human dignity in all of the people we serve.  It means protecting the right to vote for all of our communities.  It means ensuring that those who serve are judged not based on who they are or where they come from, but rather what they have to offer to help defend this country.  "Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?" On MLK, Jr. Day, Dr. King’s dream of a Nation of freedom and justice for all becomes every American’s dream as people throughout the country come together to answer his question.
Thank you for your service to your Chapter, to our District, and to our Fraternity.  God bless you all as we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
In Friendship,
Brother Kevin Brown
District Representative

Colonel Charles Young Award Winners and Story — updated as 15 DEC 2017

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Colonel Charles Young Leadership Award Winners and Story written by Brother (Colonel, USA, Retired) Conrado B. Morgan, PG 82, Life Member 1980

Colonel Charles Young (March 12, 1864 - January 8, 1922) was the third  African American graduate of  West Point, the first black U.S. National Park Superintendent, first black military attaché, first black to achieve the rank of  colonel, and highest-ranking black officer in the  United States Army until his death in 1922. Charles Young was born in 1864 into  slavery to Gabriel Young and Arminta Bruen in May's Lick,  Kentucky, a small village near  Maysville, but he grew up a free person. His father Gabriel escaped from slavery in 1865, going across the  Ohio River to  Ripley, Ohio to enlist as a private in the Fifth Regiment of the Colored Artillery (Heavy) Volunteers during the  American Civil War. Accounts differ as to whether he took his wife and child with him then. His service earned him and his wife freedom. As a young woman Arminta had learned to read and write, and may have had status as a house slave before becoming free.  Please visit for additional information.


Award Approval Process:

The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Colonel Young Leadership Award was conceived of in Delta Omega Chapter (Petersburg, Virginia), Third District, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. by Brother (Major) Conrado B. Morgan. It was voted on and approved by Delta Omega Chapter in 2000 and presented to the Third District for approval. It was approved by the Third District in 2000. Brother (Major) Conrado B. Morgan was transferred back to Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 2003 and he presented the idea to Tau Gamma Gamma Chapter (Fort Bragg, North Carolina). Tau Gamma Gamma Chapter voted on and approved the award in 2003. Brother (Lieutenant Colonel) Morgan thru Tau Gamma Gamma Chapter sent the award for approval to the Sixth District in 2003. It was approved by the Sixth District in 2003. The Sixth District requested that the award be voted on and approved at the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. international level in 2004. The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Colonel Young Leadership Award was first presented at the 74th Grand Conclave in Saint Louis, Missouri in 2004. Brother Carl Blunt, First Vice Grand Basileus, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. was a strong supporter of this award.

Criteria for Award:

Colonel Charles Young Military Leadership Award    Colonel (Brother) Charles Young was elected the second honorary member of the Fraternity on March 8, 1912.  Colonel Young, the ranking African-American officer in the military at the time of his death, died in Africa on January 8, 1922.  To commemorate the great works of this Omega Man, the Omega Memorial Day and the ritual were both revised by the 1922 Grand Conclave held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Colonel Young was highly respected by the brothers and today is still regarded as a great military leader and a role model for all Omega Men.

The International Achievement Week Committee evaluates nominations from the Districts based on the following criteria:

  1. Nominee must be financial on the Chapter, District and National Levels
  1. The nominee must be considered “on active duty” with any branch of the US armed forces during the period in which he is nominated.
  1. The nominee’s rank is not a consideration for this award (can be enlisted or a commissioned officer)
  1. Nominee must have made outstanding contributions to the fraternity at chapter, district, international level (chapters/district are expected to support all nationally and district mandated programs) and the military.
  1. Nominees must have served in a manner above and beyond the ordinary participation levels necessary to implement programs and projects.  Nominees should be involved with the organization, planning and implementation of programs and projects.
  1. Documentation associated with this award must demonstrate the nominee’s activities and be certified by the Basileus and Keeper of Records and Seal on the Chapter level and by the Achievement Week Chairman on the District Level.


Winners of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Colonel Charles Young Leadership Award are:

Brother Angelo Riddick; Lambda Gamma Gamma Chapter, 2nd District --- Fraternal Year Nov 1, 2003 - Oct 31, 2004

Brother Linton J. Marks; Kappa Iota Iota Chapter, 3rd District ---Fraternal Year Nov 1, 2004 - Oct 31, 2005

Brother Conrado B. Morgan; Tau Gamma Gamma Chapter, 6th District--- Fraternal Year Nov 1, 2005 - Oct 31,  2006

Brother Michael Williams; Xi Pi Chapter, 8th District --- Fraternal Year Nov 1, 2006 - Oct 31,  2007

Brother Johari J. Hemphill; Gamma Upsilon Chapter; 8th District--- Fraternal Year Nov 1, 2007 - Oct 31,  2008

Brother Shelvy L. Convert; Xi Pi Chapter; 8th District--- Fraternal Year Nov 1, 2008 - Oct 31,  2009

Brother Demetrius Brooks; Tau Tau Chapter; 12th District--- Fraternal Year Nov 1, 2009 - Oct 31,  2010

Brother Dominque A. Jackson; Lambda Alpha Chapter; 9th District--- Fraternal Year Nov 1, 2010 - Oct 31,  2011

Brother Mike Boykins; Iota Iota Chapter; 6th District--- Fraternal Year Nov 1, 2011 - Oct 31,  2012

Brother Mike Boykins; Iota Iota Chapter; 6th District--- Fraternal Year Nov 1, 2011 - Oct 31,  2013

Brother Voris McBurnette : Iota Iota Chapter; 6th District--Fraternal Year Nov 1, 2013 - Oct 31, 2014

Brother Derrick F. Varner, Psi Alpha Chapter, 9th District--Fraternal Year Nov 1, 2014 - Oct 31, 2015

Bro. Paul A. Prosper, Xi Pi Chapter, 8th District--Fraternal Year Nov 1, 2016 - Oct 31, 2016


Brother Conrado B. Morgan, 5 PG 82

Vice Chairman, International History and Archives

LM 1980, OPPFI

910-824-1911 c

Thru The Eyes of His Father

During the 40’s and 50’s it was hard for Blacks to get loans at White financial institutions. Often, members of Metropolitan Baptist Church would reach out to the church to address their financial needs.  To alleviate this situation, in December of 1948, the idea of forming a credit union was born.  Fifteen founders who belonged to this church pooled their resources in the amount of $226.24.  One of those founders was Rufus T. Hart, Sr. who served as longtime CEO off Metropolitan Church Federal Credit Union until his death in 2007. 

Over the course of those years, his son, Ronald O. Hart joined his father and worked at the credit union while in high school.  He received a full athletic scholarship to play football at N.C. A&T State University.  “Sugar Hart” as he was named by his peers excelled both on and off the field.  Each summer and during spring breaks, he returned home and worked with his father at the credit union.  In 1962 he became a member of Mu Psi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity (Line Name Route 66) and has remained an active member of the fraternity for the past 55 years.  Upon graduating from A&T with a degree in biology, he returned to his hometown, taught high school students, coached football and helped his father  run the credit union.

Along the way, this Omega Man obtained a M.S. degree, taught school, spent 16 years as a member of Suffolk City Council (serving two terms as Vice Mayor) and continued to help his dad at the credit union.  At the age of 55, his father asked him to retire to continue the legacy that was started in 1948.   As his father aged, his desire to build a credit union grew stronger.  “If the credit union is to survive, we must be in a place where we can control our own destiny” he would say over and over again.  His son, kept that thought in mind.

In 2014, the long-term lease with the church expired and the wheels of progress began to turn.  A site for a new facility was secured.  Plans were drawn and a ground breaking was held.  On October 14, 2017, the Hopes and Dreams of the Founders were realized as the new Metropolitan Church Federal Credit Union opened.  Citizens from all walks of life joined in the celebration which featured members of Suffolk City Council; Constitution Officers, members and well-wishers from various states.   With more than 2,000 members serving eight churches in the Suffolk community, the credit union has assets of nine million dollars.  This state of the art facility was dedicated to the legacy and dedication of the late Rufus T. Hart, Sr. and other founders.   His son, Ronald noted at the opening “It was dad’s last wish that we have a building of our own.  I know today, he is looking down and is so proud of what the Board of Directors and staff have been able to accomplish”.   Members of Alpha Iota Chapter of Omega Psi Phi – Suffolk, VA and members of Tau Lambda Lambda Chapter of Omega Psi Phi – Southern MD joined in the celebration of this achievement.  “Thru the Eyes of His Father” the mission of People Helping People will live on.  

Poem 2017 – The Ques Are On The Line

It would be the night before Christmas and the Ques would be calling into pray

They started with a few but the line grew larger from day to day

The vision of one Bishop Stacatto Powell to be exact

He only knew that he had heard from God and that was a fact

So he called for his district chaplains to meet him on line at 6:30 in the morn; was that a joke?

Ok said the twelve because most of them liked to fish and were only country folks

So they called in on the line from north and south, east and west

Accepting the challenge to pray early each morning and to lead the devotion, giving it their best

The fellowship grew stronger between the Grand Chaplain and his praying Omegas,

So that one year, in person, we even met in Las Vegas

No, not to gamble, run the strip, or even see the sights,

Just as Omega Psi Phi praying men, along with the Grand Basileus Knox,

serving as men in the midst of darkness as the Supreme Basileus’ beacon lights

Now as men of Omega giving God all glory and praise, for all to Him is due

And it started early one morning, calling on line to pray, with just a few


“Merry Christmas to all and I will call you in the morning”

Bro. Rev. Dr. James Edwards, III



Zeta Iota  via 6-98 Lambda Omega



The Dial Restoration Initiative

The Dial Presentation Exercises

Just uploaded to YouTube is the Presentation Exercises of the Dial to Howard University held on September 22, 2017 at Rankin Chapel.  If you weren't able to attend or just want to relive this historic event, this provides you an opportunity to view the capstone activity of The Dial Restoration Initiative.  Click here to view the video.

Also, there are still Bros who haven't picked up their swag yet.  Please contact Bro. I.G. Cooper to arrange to pick up your swag.

Have a great holiday season, Bros.


This effort is being spearheaded by the Mother Pearl Alumni Association (MPAA) in conjunction with Howard University.  On April 26, 2017, the MPAA was incorporated with the focus on supporting the Alpha Chapter endowment at Howard University and restoration and maintenance of select, relevant historic edifices on campus.  Recently, our application was approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  Please go to for additional information.

Team Change Recognizes Upsilon Nu

Henrico, Va, Tuesday, December 19, 2017, Upsilon Nu was recognize for their support of Team Change at their annual appreciation ceremony. Team Change is a group of African-American women working together to help children in Highland Springs affected by missing black fathers due to mass incarceration. Lisa Robinson is the creator of Team Change which mentors young students.

Upsilon Nu was recognized for two of their efforts that have been of great assistance to Team Change. One event was Upsilon Nu’s financial support and help acting as chaperones for the bus trip and tour of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The second effort is the on-going tutoring program that is conducted weekly at Highland Springs Elementary School. Several of the children that attended the tour to the museum spoke about the event during the program and expressed their thanks.

Upsilon Nu was represented at the event by Bro. Michael Edwards. Mrs. Robinson asked Bro. Edwards to come up and address those in attendance on behalf of their Basileus Bro. Jeff Tarpley. “In my remarks I wanted to thank Team Change and all the other organizations that were present and receiving recognition for their support. I gave them a brief history of Upsilon Nu and mentioned some of the activities we have been conducting throughout the Greater Richmond Area,”stated Bro. Edwards.

Article: Bro. Michael Edwards                                          Pictures: Bro. Michael Edwards

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity distributes Christmas Baskets 

FORT EUSTIS, Va. - Kappa Iota Iota Chapter, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. distributed 22 baskets to families in need as part of the chapter’s Christmas Basket Giveaway Program.   Brothers assembled the baskets the night prior and delivered them to families on December 16, 2017.  The annual event allows the chapter to reconnect with those families in need located downtown Newport News, VA every Christmas season.  Brother Keenan Williams coordinated the event with the Newport News Department of Social Services to identify families with financial constraints and would benefit from the program.

Submitted by Bro. Thomas Parker

KII Chapter Editor