May 13, 2017

DR’s Mother’s Day 2017 Message

Greetings Brothers of the 3rd District,

There is no bond, none, stronger than that between mother and child; nothing can break this connection. Mothers are truly remarkable beings! Mothers are the ones who are make a positive difference! No one usually as strong and as effective an advocate on your behalf. Mothers have and continue to make a real difference in your life. And for this—we, at “the Premiere District” would like to say, “Thank You”!

Mothers are the sweetest gift from God to us, there is nothing more important! There is no way we can ever really thank our Mothers for all she does for us, nevertheless we must make it a habit to keep reminding ourselves of the various sacrifices they made while raising us!

On Mother’s Day, show your Love, Affection, Respect, and Appreciation as you commemorate one of the important days in their lives! Even once in a year, make her feel loved and well appreciated. That is our charge!

In Friendship,
Bro. Kevin Brown
District Representative
(e-mail) 3rdDistrictDR@OPPF.Org

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