Brother Garrett James leading the session on goals

“Workshop Encourages Entrepreneurship and Wellness Among Millennials”

WASHINGTON, D.C. More than 40 people packed the room for the “Secure the Bag“ goals and success seminar held on Saturday January 27, 2017. Hosted by the DMV Sync Group, Kappa Psi Chapter served as one of the event partners and Brothers were present to share first hand experience on strategies that helped them become successful. The event was free and open to the public.

With an aim of helping members of the community set, achieve and maximize goals in 2018, the session taught participants the successful mindset needed and identified concrete strategies for success. In addition, the program discusses how to overcome barriers like negative self-talk and low self esteem, which often become obstacles on the route to achieving goals.

Kappa Psi member and DMV Sync Group founder, Brother Garrett James, led the session and said that securing the bag is synonymous with being successful. That ‘bag’ can also stand for Big Audacious Goals and everyone was encouraged to dream big and then create actionable steps to achieve those dreams.

“There are many future business owners in this room. Sessions like these give people the inspiration and also the tangible impartation to take their next steps,” James said. “The Brothers of Kappa Psi take this very seriously and are committed to doing what we can to help them in their journeys.”

Jasmine Bowden attended and had goals of expanding her network and polishing her professional development skills. She was able to connect with others and share the goals she created for 2018 in front of the group.

“As a fundraiser and entrepreneur, I hope everyone took away the true importance of Garrett’s “give more than you ask” approach,” she said. “I can attest that one’s biggest supporters are those you have built rapport with and know the dedication you have in mastering your craft.”

Hosting the event at a DC library was also a strategic move, said Brother James. “It’s our way of being planted in the community and giving residents access to our programming that would normally not have it.“

In addition to Kappa Psi Chapter, other partners were ShrinkMeNot and Write the Vision, LLC.

The Brothers of Kappa Psi Chapter are deeply invested in the total wellness of the community and we urge everyone to join us in playing active roles. For more information on the activities and service endeavors of the Kappa Psi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., please visit

Written by:

Bro. Garrett James | 3-SP08-TLL| LM #6184

Kappa Psi Chapter Communications Team



Kappa Psi Chapter was founded in 1926 and since then has worked to uplift the community through social action programs and initiatives that address specific social needs.  Kappa Psi is also devoted to promoting academic excellence throughout metropolitan DC through student centered programs that highlight the achievements of DC youth. Stiving with the highest enthusiasm and commitment to uphold its Four Cardinal Principles of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift, Kappa Psi continues to serve the community of the District of Columbia as we are committed to continue to bring important community service projects in the District of Columbia.

Kappa Psi Chapter Helps Community Set and Achieve Goals

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