Please join the Fraters and Sorors of the South Hampton Roads Pan Hellenic Council--SHARPC--as we march in NSU's homecoming parade next Saturday, Oct 28. The Divine Nine is committed to exercising our rights by voting in the upcoming Nov 7 elections, and encourages all members of the community to do so. Your chapter members are encouraged to mingle and march on behalf of one of our most hard-fought rights. The first attachment gives an assembly time and location. Wear your finest Omega casual clothing and paraphernalia, representing the Fraternity well. While there will be limited signs available, feel free to bring your own non-partisan, professional- looking signs. Otherwise, just march in support. Mix it up, Brothers, scattering yourselves throughout the group of Greeks marching in unity. Be mindful of the folks along the parade route, including the media. Some District officers--including the DR--have expressed an interest in possibly joining in. Looking forward to seeing you.
Brother Swilley
EAI Supervisor

Get Out To Vote 2017–NSU Homecoming Parade

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