Kappa Psi Joins Comcast Newsmakers to Commemorate National Mentoring Month with DC Rhinos Mentoring Program and Issues Challenge to All


Washington, DC - The Brothers of the Kappa Psi Chapter recognize the importance of being bridge builders each month as they operate the DC Rhinos Mentoring Program. With January being National Mentoring Month, they are spreading the sharing the message of their program in many ways, including their recent recorded appearance on Comcast Newsmakers to speak on the importance of mentoring the next generation of young men.

The video can be seen here: https://comcastnewsmakers.com/Videos/2018/11/16/DC-Rhinos-Mentoring-Program?autoPlay

Brother Brian Haley, DC Rhinos Co-President, sat down with Comcast’s Yolanda Vazquez, to share the good news of the DC Rhinos Mentoring Program. “When I was young, having older guys who were cool and who I looked up to, give me wisdom and push me to do better things, made me want to do good.” Brother Haley shared with Vazquez.

Kappa Psi Chapter issues a challenge to all chapters of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc and all chapters of each Divine 9 Greek Letter Organization to take mentoring to the next level for the betterment of the next generations of young men and women.

Terrance James, the Assistant Keeper of Finance, believes in this challenge for personal reasons. He shared, “It’s all about catching the youth at young ages. When I was growing up, mentoring taught me soft-skills like how to successfully interact with diverse people, how to learn from others and how to be open-minded. These are important keys to success and it’s what we teach in the DC Rhinos Program.”

Brother Kyle Garrison is the Kappa Psi KRS and said he is proud to serve during the National Mentoring Month. He puts his love for mentoring simply, “To me, mentoring is a pathway to my greatest potential.”

If you would like to help youth reach their greatest potential or to get more information on the mentoring activities of the Kappa Psi Chapter, please visit www.dcques.org.


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Bro. Garrett James | 3-SP08-TLL

Editor to the Oracle: FY 2018-2019

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Kappa Psi Honors Brothers and Local Citizen During Annual Achievement Week

(LtoR) Basileus Derrick Thronton, Citizen of the Year Mercedes Kirkland-Dolye, Vice Basileus Kevin Poplar and Chapter Editor Garrett James

Nov 2018

Washington, DC - The Brothers of the Kappa Psi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. celebrated the Fraternity’s founding anniversary on November 10, 2018 by honoring chapter Brothers and a local community servant during the annual Achievement Week Celebration.

Vice Basileus Kevin Poplar holding his Superior Service and Omega Man of the Year Awards

Chapter award winners were as follows: Unsung Hero Award - Bro. Garrett James; Bridge Builder Award - Bro. Javin Rudolph III; William Montague Cobb Award - Bro. Derrick Thornton; Superior Service Award - Bro. Kevin Poplar; Founders' Award - Bro. Patrick Perry Sr.; and Omega Man of the Year Award - Bro. Kevin Poplar.

Kappa Psi’s Citizen of the Year Award was Ms. Mercedes Kirkland-Doyle, who also won the DC Area Chapter Citizen of the Year Award. Ms. Kirkland-Doyle

“It’s important to acknowledge the tremendous work the Brothers are doing as well as the local citizens of our community,” said Kevin Poplar, Kappa Psi Vice Basileus. “Their tireless efforts to the uplift our chapter and community on a local, regional and international level do not go unnoticed.”

All winners were recognized at the DC Area Chapters Achievement Week banquet on November 10th at the La Fontaine Bleue in Lanham, MD.

The Brothers of Kappa Psi thanks all of its Brothers for the dedication and hard work given during the 2017-2018 fiscal year. For more information on the activities of the Kappa Psi Chapter, please visit www.dcques.org.


Written by:

Bro. Garrett James | 3-SP08-TLL

Editor to the Oracle: FY 2018-2019

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DC Area Chapters Achievement Week 2018!!

Washington D.C.- On November 10, 2018, the District of Columbia, Chapters Achievement Week program was held at the La Fontaine Bleue, Koran Ballroom. This year's theme was "Omega Men, Effecting Positive Change In Communities Worldwide". On this cool fall afternoon, the ballroom was filled with brothers from the various chapters, family , friends and honored guest.  The highlight of the afternoon was listening to this year's essay contest winner, Mr. Micah Jones- Senior, McKinley Technology High School. In addition, to of having a powerful and enlightening essay on the impact of Social Media on today's youth, he is our first male winner in many years!  This was a grand event due to the outstanding work of the Achievement Week Committee under the leadership of Bro. Larry A. Brown, Chairman. Thus, the Washington DC Chapters proudly present the esteemed awardees for 2018 as follows:
Essay Contest Winner

Mr. Micah Jones- Senior, McKinley Technology High School

Citizen of The Year

Ms. Mercedes N. Kirkland-Doyle- Founder &

Executive Director of the Good News Community Kitchen

Col. Charles Young Military Service Award

Brother Ronald Fleshman- Alpha Omega Chapter

Superior Service Award

Brother Elijah Anglin - Alpha Chapter Chapter

Brother Kevin Poplar - Kappa Psi Chapter

Brother C. Delray Brown - Alpha Omega Chapter

Founders Lifetime Achievement Award

Brother Patrick Perry, Sr.- Kappa Psi Chapter

Brother Roderick Von Watson - Alpha Omega Chapter

Omega Man of the Year Award

Brother James D. Walker II - Alpha Chapter

Brother Kevin Poplar- Kappa Psi Chapter

Brother Courtenay Miller-Alpha Omega Chapter
Article submitted by Bro. C. Delray Brown
Alpha Omega Chapter Reporter

Joint Happy Hour and QFL

Fairfax County, VA. 2018 has been and continues to be a great year for the Progressive Psi Alpha Alpha Fairfax County Ques.

The Psi Alpha Alpha Chapter, Third District, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. on the 9th of November 2018, in conjunction with three other local chapters (Kappa Psi, Omicron Kappa Kappa, and Pi Lambda Lambda) kicked off the 2018 Achievement Week festivities. The brothers of Psi Alpha Alpha, conducted a joint happy hour at Jolley’s Restaurant and Lounge in Alexandria, Va.  It was a great success, as over 100 people attended. Short speeches of gratitude by each chapter’s representative were given. Hors d’oeuvres and cake displaying all the participating chapter names were provided. The goal of the joint happy hour was to help energize the brothers and give a great kickoff event for all the planned activities of the week as well as have the brother’s network and discuss ideas.

The Psi Alpha Alpha Chapter followed the Joint Happy Hour with another spectacular event on 15 November. The Psi Alpha Alpha Ques attended a joint QFL event.  As usual, Psi Alpha Alpha showed up and helped make the event a great success.  The event provided another opportunity for the brothers to come together and fellowship.

There were over thirty brothers in attendance at the local Buffalo Wild Wings. Hors d’oeuvres were served while we watched the Seattle Seahawks beat the Green Bay packers in a thriller.

Moving forward, due to the great turnout, popularity, and enthusiastic reviews of the event, we recommend we continue this effort.

Kappa Psi’s DC Rhinos Prepare for STEM Careers

Kappa Psi's DC Rhinos Prepare for STEM Careers

Aspire 2 Inspire Mentorship Program's STEM Career Preparation Event "Electrifying"


Washington, District of Columbia Led by Brothers Melvin Stalings Jr. and WJ Williams, the DC Rhinos STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Career Preparation event was another success for Kappa Psi's mentorship program. Brother Melvin gripped the students with his opening presentation, a primer on electric cars like those built by Tesla Motors. He spoke on the technologies that makes the cars run and their future potential. The mentees then got to get their hands dirty working on projects that would help them conceptualize themselves as the architects of such a vehicle.

Mentees were split into groups of five and given 25 minutes to build a four-wheel car out of candies and cookies. The car had to be able to roll down a plank without stopping or splitting apart. Brothers supplied the groups guidance with the non-technical aspects of the project, providing coaching on teamwork, patience, and perseverance. The project was difficult and many of the mentees experienced frustration; each group had several models that failed, and the temptation of the sugary foods was a constant potential distraction, requiring mentees exhibit even higher level of focus in order to progress. Omega men were on hand to give encouragement and support and see to it that the mentees did not become despondent, however as leading mentees took charge of their groups and the possibility of success came within reach, the Rhinos began to uplift their own low morale group members and charge towards the finish line. Despite the many challenges and temptations, the mentees predominately completed their task of rolling their car down the plank - to the exited cheers of the onlooking spectators. Overcoming their initial doubts, pushing through their failures and persevering through their various challenges and missteps to complete what initially seemed to be an impossible project is an experience and a memory that will serve each and every one of the mentees well when, in the future, they encounter similar apparently insurmountable obstacles.

After their completion of the first challenge, Brother Stalings broke out his heavy-duty RC cars. These cars were disassemble, and mentees were tasked with repairing the cars once they had been split into their constituent parts. Mentees would then be allowed to race the cars they had built around a track prepared on a separate floor of the house by Brothers for their enjoyment, providing a strong incentive for the mentees to focus on understanding and completing the project. The Rhinos enjoyed putting together the cars and they had more fun racing them, without a doubt a high point of the day for many of the mentees.

Brothers Stalings and Williams spoke extensively and convincingly on the attractions of a STEM career, advising the mentees to consider moving towards STEM fields as they approach manhood and begin to make the important decisions about the direction of their scholarship. The Omegas also offered guidance and material support towards the attainment of success in STEM fields; The DC Rhino's STEM Career Preparation Event's pièce de résistance was the offer by Brothers Williams and Starling to guarantee any and all interested mentees a spot in a paid STEM internship program, an opportunity of immeasurable value to young men whose futures have yet to be determined. With the confidence that the days experience, information, and assurance of future support have given them, who knows how high these Rhinos might fly.


Kappa Psi was chartered on the campus of Howard University in Thirkield Hall on November 19, 1926 by Bro. Dr. William Montague Cobb. We strive with the highest enthusiasm and commitment to uphold our Four Cardinal Principles of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift. Kappa Psi continues to serve the community of the District of Columbia as we are committed to continue to bring important community service projects in the District of Columbia.