March 13, 2017

Brothers Who Earned the Ranks General Officers, Flag Officers and DOD Appointees as of March 2017

Greetings Brothers in Omega,
On behalf of the International History and Archives Committee Chairman, Bro. Carl Blunt, The Military Achievement Subcommittee has produced the latest roster of General Officers, Flag Officers and DOD Appointees for your review.  This is a living document that we continuously update as promotions and appointments take place.    Please promulgate to your distribution lists and contact the Military Achievement Subcommittee if you find any omissions or errors.
Finally, we are currently putting out a data call for the names of Omega Noncommissioned Officers who have served or currently serving in E-9 General Officer/Flag Officer positions.  Examples would but CSM Retired Julian Kellman who served as the US Army Central Command Sergeant Major–a 3 Star Command Position and Bro Kaleth Wright who is the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force 4 Star Position.
Kindest Fraternal regards,
Bro. James Mullen
Chairman, Military Achievement Subcommittee of
International  History and Archives Committee
omega_gofo_as-of-8mar17-page-1 omega_gofo_as-of-8mar17-page-2

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